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Family Therapy

The primary goal of family therapy is to enable families to manage emotional and/or behavioural problems more effectively, on their own. To do this, the family group rather than individuals are invited into sessions. The initial task of therapy is to define nature of the “problem” and understand how it is embedded in the family system. All members of the household are asked to attend the first interview and each member is encouraged to share their view of the problem as well as possible solutions. After this first session, appointments may continue with the whole family or parts of the family as arranged.

The goal of family therapy is then to help families develop more helpful patterns rather than “fix” one specific member.

Working with the family system is important as attitudes, problems, conflicts, behaviours and other issues are often transmitted from one generation to the next. Your therapist will pay particular attention to the type and intensity of expressed emotions, communication styles, family roles, alliances, secrets and emotional triangles. The framework of family therapy is more important than how many people are present at any session. Family therapy views problems as a result of unhelpful interaction patterns which create or maintain a problem, it is opposed to viewing problems as residing in a person, it is a strengths-based therapy. The goal of therapy is then to help families develop more helpful patterns rather than “fix” one specific member. This allows each family member to maintain a healthy sense of their own self while staying emotionally connected to the rest of the family.

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