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Frequently Asked Questions

Fees & Rebates

What do I need to bring to my first session?

Please note that there will be paperwork for you to complete at your first session, so please ensure you arrive 5 min early. If the session is for your child please bring along relevant paperwork such as: recent school report, reports done for academic testing, speech therapy etc.

Is there a cost involved for sessions?

As we are a private Allied Health Clinic providing specialist services such as psychology, there are fees involved. If you are referred by your GP/psychiatrist you will often be able to access a rebate for your appointment. Alternatively, depending on your level of cover with your private health funds you may be able to access a rebate through your health fund. For more information about our fees please click here.

Can I get a rebate from Medicare for my psychology sessions?

In order to access a Medicare rebate for psychology sessions, you will first need to meet with your GP/psychiatrist who will review if you are eligible for a mental health care plan. If your GP/psychiatrist draws up a mental health care plan you will be able to access a maximum of 10 sessions/year through Medicare (ie. Medicare will rebate up to 10 of your psychology sessions). When your mental health care plan is first drawn up you will be able to access up to 6 sessions. Following this you and your psychologist will review if further sessions are necessary and if so they will guide you on how to access these.

Can I use my private health fund to get a rebate for my sessions?

You will need to check with your private health fund to determine if they cover the allied health service you will be accessing (e.g. psychology). Please note that for psychology sessions, you cannot claim both Medicare and private health on the same session. You will need to decide if you wish to apply for a Medicare or private health rebate, or you may wish to use your private health fund to get continued support after having used your Medicare sessions.

I have a Centrelink Low Income/Pension card, do you Bulk Bill?

HMM Health is a Private Practice and therefore does not bulk bill. However, there are options for those on low incomes or pensions. You may be eligible for upto 18 government funded sessions through Connect to Wellbeing (previously known as ATAPS). See your GP for a referral.


How many psychology sessions can I have?

This will generally be determined between you and your psychologist. Medicare will only cover up to 10 sessions per calendar year, and your private health fund will generally have a capped amount that they will cover.

Do your Psychologists work through WorkCover?

Some of our psychologists do provide services under WorkCover.  If you are wanting to access services through Work Cover, you will need to inform admin staff of this AT THE TIME OF BOOKING your appointment, so we can ensure you are booked with a staff member registered with Work Cover, and so that we can ensure you have approval for sessions through Work Cover.  If this has not been set up with out clinic prior to your first session, you will be responsible for paying the cost of your session. 

Do you conduct Court requested assessments?

Unfortunately, we do not take on court cases. Your solicitor will be able to guide you to a service that does.


Do I need to be present for my child's appointment?

Parents must be present at first session for all minors. At least one parent is to be availible/present at the session as there are times that something may arise in the session with your child, that the psychologist may need to speak to the parent/guardian about urgently.


Can I book my appointment online or via email?

No.  Due to current waitlists, if you require an appointment you will need to call the clinic and talk to a staff member in order to book in your psychology session.

Is there a wait list?

Yes, there is a wait list. For a guide of wait list times and to be placed on the wait list please contact the clinic on: (07) 4946 4021.


What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel your appointment please ensure that you cancel before 10am on the business day prior to your appointment (e.g. If your appointment is for 3pm Monday, you need to cancel by 10am on Friday). This will allow adequate time for the clinician to arrange for your appointment spot to be filled and will help you to avoid cancellation fees. Short notice cancellation and same day cancellations will result in a cancellation fee.

Do you do cognitive and academic testing?

HMM Health unfortunately does not provide cognitive and academic assessments at this time.

Do you provide Couples Therapy?

Yes.  We have limited spaces for Couples Therapy sessions. To find out if these are available please contact our reception team.  For Couples Therapy, both partners  must be available to attend the first session.  Contact reception for further details.  


Do you provide child care?

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide child care. Our reception desk is generally unattended and as such you will be unable to leave children unattended in the waiting room. Please ensure that you make child care arrangements in advance.

Scallywags is a limited hours child care service located at the Whitsunday Neighbourhood Centre in Cannonvale and can take children on as an ‘as needed basis’. They do require bookings are essential. For more information visit their website or contact them on 07) 4946 5609.

Are you able to provide me with reports?

Please note that there are many types of reports that we are NOT able to provide (e.g. court reports, capacity assessments etc). Reports will incur additional fees which are NOT covered by Medicare. Fees will be discussed with you prior to the reports being written and will be determined by the amount of time it will take to prepare the reports. Having a report written is at the discretion of your clinician, and these may not always be available. Please ensure you discuss this with your psychologist as soon as possible and allow for adequate time for these to be compiled.

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HMM Health is a Psychology Service located in the Whitsundays. Our clinics service Proserpine, Cannonvale, and Airlie Beach areas. HMM Health has Clinical and Generalist Psychologists who work with Children, Adolescents and Adults. 

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